Big it up 4 London

This is a competition entry I designed and coded for a learning exercise. The brief was posted on a certain web designers' forum I regularly visit.

Here's the brief: a blog style layout for a new online magazine showcasing all things London. The design should represent a cool, funky and stylish London scene without isolating any target audiences.

I decided to use the less is more approach for this, keeping in mind the maxim 'good design is invisible.' If I could showcase the content in a readable and usable way, then I would have succeeded. The colour choices were made for me (although I was surprised to be the only red, white, and blue entry), so I concentrated on information heirarchy and typography, with a few small images to provide extra texture and appeal.

Did I win? …No! Ruddy cheek of it!

Visit the bigitup4london page here.

Big it up 4 London web page