Everything your other web designer tells you is wrong!

If I say to you, ‘Web Design’ what springs to mind? Nice colours, cool graphics, scrolling image galleries? That's the stuff that impresses your customers, and sells your products and services, right?


Ok, so he's not wrong about everything, and you didn’t miss the target entirely. But you’re nowhere near the bullseye, and here's why. You forgot the power of words. If your website content wasn’t written by a professional copywriter (someone who’s trained to write persuasively, in order to sell) then chances are your website isn’t performing at anywhere near its potential.

Where‘s the proof?

You can test this easily right now: If I asked you to sell me your product or service using only sentences taken from your website, could you do it? How does it sound? Embarrassing, isn’t it?

What if I told you that well–written content is the most important part of your website when it comes to getting a response from your audience? Add effective design to that, and you have yourself a lean and efficient sales tool that actually earns a solid return on your investment.

Whether you’re looking for content that sells your services directly, or supporting content such as blogs and other articles, I have a proven track record in delivering quality content to customers in a range of different sectors.

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